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31 photo(s) Updated on: July 15, 2013
  • Jim Yates of Lipscomb University and Megan Nicklaus of Vanderbilt University. Cake served to honor the many years of service Jim provided to our organization upon his retirement
  • More fun at B.B. Kings in Nashville
  • TSU represents at B.B. Kings' in Nashville
  • Jean Dake, UT-Chattanooga; Mary Mahoney and DeAnna Bonner of UT-Knoxville, Ralph Brigham of Southwestern having a great discussion at B.B. King's in Nashville
  • Gene Crabtree, 21st Mortgage and 2013 President - and he generously arranges for some great door prizes at our events
  • President Inman Otey of TSU and the mayor of Memphis
  • Great dinner at Graceland and the Elvis Auto Museum
  • We're at the Hermitage in Nashville
  • Is Laura Wheeler of Belmont just a little bit surprised?
  • TACE 2012 Conference Arrington Vineyards
  • 2013 Middle TN Drive-In Workshop at Asurion
  • Pierre Delinois and the team from Asurion generously hosted our 2013 Middle TN Drive-In Workshop
  • Dr. Dayle Savage, keynote speaker at 2013 Middle TN Drive-In Workshop
  • Yes, that is Patricia Jacobs behind those Foster Grants!
  • We're at Graceland!
  • 2011 Conference in Chattanooga
  • Gary Boling, LaKecia Hudson, Janet Velazquez, Amy Ware, Nicole Green, Stacy Ballinger, Shunyale Griffin, Wayne Hampton (2011 - 2012 Board)
  • Vanderbilt University: Callie Leousis Wise, Bob Cramer, Bill Fletcher, Megan Nicklaus and Amy Achterhof Johnson
  • The 2004 team from the University of Memphis
  • Oh my, Enterprise :-)
  • Mike Horten, Charlie Hawkins, Elaine Driver, Gene Crabtree, Lynn Haley, Jan Harvey, Mimi Thomas, Alice Camuti, Clark Wright, Megan Nicklaus, Patricia Jacobs, Inman Otey
  • We have too much fun!!! Back - Chuck Goon, 1/4 Charlie Hawkins, Alice Camuti, Patricia Jacobs, Dave Graham, Sheila Albritton, Megan Nicklaus, Amy Achterhof Johnson
  • Martha Turner of MTSU, our TACE Trivia contest winner!
  • Lynn Haley, "The King", and Alice Camuti at the 2004 Conference
  • 2004 TACE Conference dinner at Graceland
  • TACE at the Hermitage with President Andrew Jackson
  • Gene Crabrtree (2013-2014 President and 2009 June Q. Moore award) and Elaine Driver of TN Dept. of Audit
  • TACE members visit Randstad - 2005
  • Laura Wheeler and Charlsie Matthews (2001 June Q. Moore Award and 2010 Honorary Lifetime Member) of Belmont University
  • Inman Otey, Elaine Driver, Mike Horten, Alice Camuti, Patricia Jacobs, Charlie Hawkins, Megan Nicklaus, Lynn Haley and Jan Harvey
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