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12 photo(s) Updated on: July 16, 2013
  • (L) 2014 Honorary Lifetime Membership award presented to Don Foster by Lynn Haley
  • Alice K. Camuti of Tennessee Technological University. 2014 Honorary Lifetime Membership.
  • Patricia Jacobs of Belmont receiving the Lumsden-Sellers award from Martha Turner or MTSU
  • Dayna Blevins (2009 Annie Gray Harris Sasser Award) Enterprise Holdings
  • Patricia Jacobs (2003-2004 President and 2005 Lumsden Sellers Award) Belmont University and Dave Graham (2002-2003 President and 2004 June G. Moore Award) TVA
  • Lynn Haley (2006 Lumsden-Sellers Award) Tennessee Technological University and Nicole Green (2007 Annie Gray Harris Sasser Award and 2012 Honorary Lifetime award) Middle Tennessee State University
  • Gary Boling (2009 Lumsden-Sellers Award) and Shunyale Griffin (2012 Annie Gray Harris Sasser Award
  • Elizabeth Bell (2004 Lumsden-Sellers Award) UT-Chattanooga and Martha Turner (1993 Lumsden-Sellers Award) Middle Tennessee State University
  • DeAnna Bonner (1999 June Q. Moore Award and 2012 Honorary Lifetime Award) and Mary Mahoney (2012-2013 President, 2003 Lumsden-Sellers Award) of UT-Knoxville
  • Janet Velazquez, 2012 June Q. Moore Member Award, Austin Peay State University
  • Lynn Haley, 2006 Lumsden-Sellers Award, Tennessee Technological University
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